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12 December 2010

Retire in Mexico???

If you're still thinking that all of Mexico is covered with headless bodies, read this.  Actually read it anyway!
Alluring San Miguel draws American retirees to Mexico
The church La Parroquia in San Miguel

11 December 2010

Cabo Riviera Photo Update

As you can see, island 10 is coming along nicely. The stone work on the road is beautiful. You can start building as soon as your plans are approved. Island 10 is close to the entry and next to the restaurants and shopping.  There are 8 lots out of 13 available. This is a great opportunity.  Call me.

24 November 2010

New Price Structure at Cabo Riviera

The Cabo Riviera owners group announced yesterday that all residential lot prices will be increased on December 15th by 7.5%.

You can lock in the present price before the 15th with a deposit of $10,000.  If you can't get down here, you can wire transfer the money to hold the price.  The deposit must be here before the 15th.

There are some GREAT lots available.  I'm here to get your deal done, tell me what you need.


19 November 2010

18 November 2010

Best lots at Cabo Riviera Marina

I'm asked all the time if we are selling anything at Cabo Riviera. Well actually, yes we are. We've had several million in sales this year and have several million more pending.

Why are we selling when so many other developments aren't? The first reason is that the owners are the developers: to this date there is no money owed to any financial organization or private financiers. The $30 million or so that has been spent so far has come from the owners pockets and sales. We are working; phase one will be finished by next January 2011 or the owners will be paying penalties to the lot owners.

Why can we offer high-end resort property in a marina where you can dock your boat next to your house for 25% down and 10 year financing? Same reason: the owners are the developers. If they want to offer private financing for the property, they can! There are no banks involved nor are there a bunch of expensive loan fees.

What does this mean? It means that smart money is investing in its future. Not only financial future but future lifestyle for family and friends.

Which brings me to the title of this post: Best lots at Cabo Riviera. We haven't sold any lots at the ends of the islands. These are solid gold. Here's what will happen: After the first one sells, the rest will follow fast. For example, we had sold no beach lots until the spring of this year. Out of the 15 that were offered in phase one, we have 4 left.

Are you waiting for something? These lots will not get cheaper. In fact the owners are discussing a price increase for the near future. It won't be a huge increase and if you're a buyer, it won't stop you. But if you are undecided, write or call me and tell me why. I can't think of any reason other than lack of funds to not buy right now. If you make a commitment soon, I can lock you in to the present price. Let me go to work and get you the best deal possible on your lot.

05 November 2010

More Sales

We've had some more lots reserved and a deposit made in the last couple of weeks. When you click on "Lots Available, Phase One," the page is not up to date. There is a deposit on lot 8, island 12. Lot 30 on the beach, lots 54,55 and 59 on the golf course and lot 34 on island 9 have all been reserved.

There's good news and bad news. We are only a year and a couple of months from completion of phase one. There are only 4 beach lots, 3 golf lots and about 37 channel lots available at present prices. Right now I can get you 15% off the list price because we are selling at "pre construction" prices. If you pay cash, I can discount the price further. This price structure will naturally change as phase one approaches completion. I'm pretty sure the prices won't drop......

Call or email me. Ask for Bob Farmer. I'm here to get your deal done.

03 November 2010

Bisbee Wrapup: 2 Tournaments, 18 Winners, Over $2 Million Awarded

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Bisbee's Black and Blue Tournaments
November 3, 2010 Friend Us  Facebook  Follow Us  Twitter
Hi Everybody,

It's been a wild couple of weeks, and I have to say two of our funnest tournaments yet! The fishing in Cabo was the best it's been in decades which kept us all guessing until the last minute. As it turned out, eighteen teams took home prizes between the Los Cabos Offshore and Black & Blue.

Record setting crowds attended the weigh-ins in front of the Puerto Paraiso Mall. There was plenty of action to keep them entertained, and for those who couldn't attend, there was lots of coverage on the internet including a live webcam at the scales, real-time catch reporting, GPS tracking of every boat in the tournament in a "Google-Earth" type format and, for the first time in history, a live broadcast from offshore.

Thanks very much to all our sponsors and everyone who attended. We had a blast!

See you next year!
R. Wayne Bisbee
R. Wayne Bisbee, Tournament Director
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Cabo Riviera

2010 Tournament Schedule
East Cape Offshore: July 27-31
Los Cabos Offshore: Oct 15-17
Black & Blue: October 19-23

2011 Tournament Schedule
East Cape Offshore: July 26-30
Los Cabos Offshore: Oct 14-16
Black & Blue: October 18-22

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Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore—In Good Company
Story & Photos by Capt. Dave Lear

Teams Bad Company and Bandit were the top money winners in the 11th annual Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore Tournament, which took place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, October 15th-17th and concluded with a gala awards banquet on the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Bad Company pocketed $83,020 for its 490-pound black marlin captured the first morning, while Bandit took home $80,047 for a 470-pound black scaled on the last day of fishing. Both boats(60-foot Viking convertibles) were entered across the board Continue Readingin the daily jackpot levels. Anthony Hsieh was the angler on Bad Company and Rich Hamilton reeled in the fish aboard Bandit.

Bisbee's Black & Blue Jackpot Tournament—Spreading the Wealth
#0th Celebration CakeStory & Photos by Capt. Dave Lear

The 30th annual Bisbee's Black & Blue Marlin Jackpot Tournament took place October 19th-24th in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and concluded with nearly $2 million in prize money being awarded to the top teams. A total of 103 boats with more than 450 anglers caught 78 billfish, including 33 blue marlin and 13 black marlin. A 599-pound black was the largest qualifying fish of the week. Michael "Buzz" Colton and his crew aboard C-Bandit were the top winners, money-wise. Theypocketed $614,613 and claimed the third place tournament Continue Readingaward and several daily jackpot categories after weighing a black marlin that tipped the scales at 549 pounds.
Bahia Hotel
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27 October 2010

Isla San Jose, Manzana 10

Island 10 is scheduled for completion before Christmas. The channels all around the island have been excavated to depth.  The infrastructure: power, water, sewer and phones, is being installed. The banks around the island are being sloped in preparation for the rock covering.  Those of you who have and will purchase on Island 10 will be able to begin home construction after the first of the year.

If you haven't toured or haven't returned for a second tour, now is the time.  This is the fun stuff: seeing your town being built.  You will have another "I remember when" story for the grandkids.

Here's a photo showing the driveway on island 10 being built.

22 October 2010

Bisbee's Black and Blue Marlin Tournament

If you haven't had an opportunity to go hang out at the Bisbee's tournament, you're missing quite a show. Very appropriately, the 30th annual Bisbee's Black and Blue Marlin Tournament has been a record breaker and broken new ground with some neat technology. The boats can be tracked by GPS from your computer. You can also see live video from on-board several boats. Today (Friday, 22 Aug) is the last day.

The Cabo Riviera sales booth is located directly in front of the weigh station. We witnessed some "reel" fish drama throughout the afternoon and well into the evening.  Tuesday, day 1,  was amazing.  The fish just kept getting bigger.  300 pounders up to 400 pounders and then 500 pounders.  Finally a nice 599 pound fish was weighed and looked like it just might be the winner. However, Wayne Bisbee announced that "The Great Escape" was still hooked up and had been fighting a large marlin for a few hours. The crowd refused to leave until the boat came in, hoping it would make the cutoff time of 9PM.  You can still weigh a fish but it WILL NOT COUNT after 9.  As the clocked crept towards the cutoff, Wayne gave us updates on the status of the fish. Finally at 5 minutes after 9, they made it to the dock.  As the huge marlin was wheeled towards the scale, a low murmur from the crowd turned into cheering. The fish was slowly pulled up and the scale kept climbing.  It bounced quickly past 300, 400, 500 and finally landed on 800 pounds! Although it would not be counted, the crowd of several hundred people showed their appreciation and gave the crew of "The Great Escape" a huge ovation.

08 October 2010

October Sales Update Cabo Riviera

We're still moving property here at Cabo Riviera.
Below is the master plan. Red lots are sold, blue lots are reserved and white lots are available.  The other lots are outside of Phase One and will be available later. There are plenty of good lots remaining. If you want a certain lot that is not in Phase One, contact me.  I can make you a deal for the lot at today's price.

I've been told by some of my prospective buyers, "I'll wait until I see some buildings out there. I don't care about any discounts for pre-construction."  Very good, I understand completely. The only issue with that is availability.  The Cabo Riviera marina is completely unique in Baja Sur. You can't buy a lot on the water in a marina and dock your boat next to it in BAJA SUR anywhere except in Cabo Riviera. 

Most of us are guilty of missing good opportunities and then later regretting it.  Please take time to review the master plan. Don't wait until your favorite lot is sold.

Click on the image to make it larger.

02 October 2010

Your Own East Cape Weather Report

Want to know what the weather is doing right here in the Cabo Riviera neighborhood?  Click on the weather link on the left side of this page. It will take you to my data page on the Weather Underground site.The actual station is located on the roof of our house which is only a few miles from Cabo Riviera. The page shows a summery; you can choose daily, weekly etc. You can also click on the  link just above the summery for current conditions.

You can easily put a weather link to this station on your blog or web page. First click on the link on my page.  Then on the page you are directed to, you will see a link on the right labeled, "Ad PWS stickers to your website." Click on it and follow the directions.

01 October 2010

Bisbee's Black and Blue - 2010

Just a quick reminder that the Bisbee's Black and Blue marlin tournament is coming.  October 19 is just around the corner.  The Bisbee's East Cape Offshore was a huge success this year and it's normally a predictor of how the Bisbee's Black and Blue will go. Cabo Riviera is and will be a supporter of the Bisbee's tournaments.

Make time to visit Cabo Riviera. The marina will be a sport fisherman's paradise. Keep your sportfisher by the house. Get up, walk out the back door to the boat and be fishing minutes later.

The photo below is of the day 2 Marlin winner at the Bisbee's East Cape Offshore:  This nice marlin was caught in the same water that you will be fishing from Cabo Riviera!!

25 September 2010

Cabo Riviera News for August and September 2010

August-September 2010 Newsletter

Bisbee's Event

Cabo Riviera was the major presenters for the Bisbee's East Cape Offshore Tournament this year and a huge success for all.  There was fishing excitement all three days of the tournament starting on the very first day with a Marlin over 580 pounds caught and brought in within hours of the shotgun start.  An amazing three records were broken during this tourney with huge Tuna and Dorado brought in.  That is a great sign not only for the fishing on the East Cape this season but for the Bisbee's Black and Blue in October in which Cabo Riviera.

On Saturday prior to the awards ceremony, participants of the Bisbee's tournament were invited to spend a day relaxing at a catered Beach Picnic at Cabo Riviera.  Cabo Riviera gave away raffle prizes where lucky winners won a Shimano Tallus TLT-S60M Rod with a Shimano Tiagra 50W-LRS 2 speed Reel and Sheila Marshall won next years entry fee into the Bisbee's EastCape offshore Tournament & $200 category.  A very big Congratulations and Thank You to all who attended from Cabo Riviera.  See you again in October.

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Artist Renderings

Cabo Riviera recently received artist renderings of Phase I.  These renderings beautifully hang in frames in our La Ribera sales office to give our visitors a clear perspective of the uniqueness and beauty of our resort community. Here is a sneak peak of four of our concepts.

Mexico in the News

Articles and news headlines have been popping up in the last month discussing Mexico.  For once, the focus has been taken off the borders of Mexico and to areas that see no crime and are wonderful places to visit or live.  The AARP lists Puerta Vallarta Mexico as the #1 best place to retire abroad for all the same reasons we have here in Los Cabos.  The SFGate lists the East Cape of Baja Sur for the best place to fish.  On the Real Estate Channel Mexico tops the list for U.S. second home owners.  Jim Cramer, the Bombastic, high-energy investment Guru and host of CNBC's massively successful show "Mad Money", gave Real Estate in Mexico a big boost this past week. Cramer told his audience:

Jim Cramer bought three properties in Mexico two weeks ago.

Construction Update

Progress is continually moving along with majority of the focus on raising the second island of the Artist Village, filling on the oceanfront lots and completion of Isla San Jose.  The filling of the Artist Village is advancing and will be completed in 10 days.  At that time construction will then proceed immediately with levels, marking lots and forming streets.  On Isla San Jose installation of utilities has begun which include sanitary drainage, network facilities (land lines, cell phones, data transmission and television), potable water and electric.  Construction for bridge accesss to the island has also begun.  We have advanced on street construction of Baja Boulevard which allows access to the new beach club area.  Finally, we have begun construction in the quarry to harvest Laja stone for the paving of roads.  We will begin first on Isla San Jose and currently have 30% of the required material.


Sales Update

Although sales have been "Summer Slow" for Los Cabos, last weekend Cabo Riviera received a very positive offer for three Oceanfront Estate lots and a Commercial Lot in the Artist Village.  A great time to come and visit us would be before the high season starts up again in mid-October.

For more information please contact your Cabo Riviera sales representative or email us at
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