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12 March 2010

The new hospital (again)

I've received some interesting comments lately on my blog. Basically, an anonymous individual believes that Cabo Riviera is a "scam" and will be destroyed by the weather. Let me say this about that. I know that no matter what you do, there will be opposition. When I lived in Alaska, we were inundated with new folks who came to work on the oil pipeline and stayed. I was one. Many of them became so "localized" that they resented newcomers. Finally some enterprising soul printed a bunch of bumper stickers that summed it up quite well. They said, "Alaska for Alaskans. Y'all go home.

I don't know if you fall under the category I just described but let me point out the first of many benefits that these developers will bring to YOUR community.

A new 7 bed hospital or well equipped clinic whichever you prefer was just dedicated to the people of the area. This was paid for by Cabo Riviera and Cabo Cortez. One of our detractors whom I know personally (and I like him a lot by the way) isn't in the greatest of health. I also know of a few kiters who were transported a long ways to have their injuries treated. I'll take a local emergency room over a long ride in an ambulance any day. This hospital was built quickly and professionally and is pretty well equipped. If you haven't gone and checked it out, you should.

If you have never been out here to see what is being built at Cabo Riviera, call me or email me or leave me your number in the comments section. I'll personally show you around and answer any questions. If I can't answer them I'll call somebody that can. AND I'll show you the pair of storks too if you're interested.

10 March 2010

Lots of Dirt

Here's another look at the earth-moving effort at Cabo Riviera. If you have one of our master plans, this is just off the end of island 8 which is the 3rd one to the right of the commercial plaza in the center. Click the little arrow to watch the video.

Cabo Riviera is raising the standard of luxury. You can live minutes from a Pete Dye golf course and dock your boat next to your house. It doesn't get any better. Contact me for the deal of a lifetime.

Bob - my cell in Mexico: 624-156-2820

09 March 2010

Dredge progress

The dredge and several backhoes are making good headway on the channel behind the beach lots. The discharge material is being used to bring the beach area up to grade. Our short-term goal is to have a section of the beach up to finish specs.

At the same time, we're working on the breakwaters. They will project into the Sea of Cortez about 300 meters. We have a ways to go. I don't know why my videos are black but press the arrow below, they will play.

Give me a call and come see the dream. This is an ambitious project that will set new standards for Los Cabos.