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25 November 2009

Dredging the Marina

I guess our developers want to speed things up in the construction department. We now have a second dredge. It is double the volume of the first. Both of them will be in service for a while then the original (smaller) one will be shipped back.
In the immediate future, we will concentrate on the marina opening. The "dirt" that is taken out of the marina area is pumped to low spots on the project. We're multi-tasking here folks!

We will also complete an island so that our owners and future buyers have a better idea of how things will look. We are hoping to allow home construction to begin by the second quarter of next year.

A Cabo Riviera sales PERSON, Kelina, sold a beach lot the other day. We were given the authority to discount two beach lots. There's one left. If you are interested, call or email me. This is a good opportunity to save a million bucks!

Phase one is due in 2 years. Sales will continue to increase. Buy a lot while you still have plenty to choose from