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25 November 2009

Dredging the Marina

I guess our developers want to speed things up in the construction department. We now have a second dredge. It is double the volume of the first. Both of them will be in service for a while then the original (smaller) one will be shipped back.
In the immediate future, we will concentrate on the marina opening. The "dirt" that is taken out of the marina area is pumped to low spots on the project. We're multi-tasking here folks!

We will also complete an island so that our owners and future buyers have a better idea of how things will look. We are hoping to allow home construction to begin by the second quarter of next year.

A Cabo Riviera sales PERSON, Kelina, sold a beach lot the other day. We were given the authority to discount two beach lots. There's one left. If you are interested, call or email me. This is a good opportunity to save a million bucks!

Phase one is due in 2 years. Sales will continue to increase. Buy a lot while you still have plenty to choose from

17 October 2009

Baby Sea Turtles (cont.)

Thanks to my friend Steve Chism, amateur geologist, local naturalist, author and puppy lover, I have photos of the recent baby sea turtle release in front of the Palmas de Cortez hotel in Los Barriles. (Steve is also an official, Mexican certified turtle research assistant) He participated in the release in which a few hundred newly hatched baby sea turtles were released into the Sea of Cortez. An event like this serves the dual purpose of ensuring that a known number of sea turtles survive from the nest to the water and to raise public awareness of sea turtle nesting habits and how we can help ensure their survival. The greatest danger in the life-cycle of sea turtles is from the point the eggs are laid to re-entry into the ocean. On the shore, the mother sea turtles are exposed to predatory animals and poachers as they go through the ritual of depositing their eggs. The eggs are in danger of being eaten by a large number of predators from crabs to foxes and the nests being compressed by motor vehicles. Then during the hatch and return to the sea, the baby sea turtles are exposed to an even larger group of predators when you add birds and shore fish to the list.

If you are in the los Cabos area, ask around and see if you can find out where a baby sea turtle release will take place. It will be well worth your time to attend. Take your kids or borrow some; they'll love it.

06 October 2009

Baby Sea Turtles

It's turtle nesting season again and here at Cabo Riviera, we have upwards of 50 nests on our beaches. The folks from the baby sea turtles local protection office have been out and done their research work and marked the nests. They have an estimate for each nest when the eggs will hatch (45 days gestation)and they will try to be present for the big event. The baby sea turtles that they assist to the ocean have a much higher chance of survival because of the rate of attrition between the nest and the water. It's high because of the multitude of natural predators searching the beach for food: Coyotes, birds and crabs to name a few. They love turtles. Maybe they taste like chicken........

Assisting the turtles to the ocean has turned into an event that people attend and take their kids to. I'm no cactus hugger but anybody that doesn't like little baby sea turtles, well, I guess they just don't. At any rate, it's a fun thing to do, very low budget and educational.

The sticks marking the nests are also effective to keep people and vehicle traffic from going over the nests. When the sand gets packed down, it's much harder for the baby sea turtles dig their way out. Motorized vehicles are outlawed on the beach but the the law is only partially enforced. The good thing is that most of the locals understand about the baby sea turtles and give the nests a wide berth.

I'll try and get some photos to share here on the blog.

Remember, you can own a home right here on the beach and watch the sea turtles from your porch.

Call me.

10 September 2009

We're Moving Dirt Here

Things are moving along here at Cabo Riviera. The main push right now is the marina excavation. We are using the dredge for the deep work and we have trucks taking out overburden. If you've ever worked around heavy equipment, you can sympathize with the backhoe operator. We're running enough trucks that he is literally working all the time.

03 September 2009

We survived Jimena!

Along with all of Los Cabos, we dodged a major storm "Gracias a Dios" as my Mexican friends say. It goes without saying that we would be in a bad way if she had hit the Los Cabos area directly. The rain that fell was well needed.

Not much to report at the site. The dredge is dredgeing, the trucks are moving rock to the levies and the sales staff is selling. We had no ill affects from the rain so the work can continue as normal.

I'll post more pictures soon.

25 August 2009

The dredge is working

In the photo to the right you can see the flexible pipe coming out of the dredge. A mixture of about 30% "mud" and 70% water is pumped through the pipe. The second picture shows the discharge. If you've been putting off taking a tour, now's a good time to call me and make a date.

Look at that lovely muck! The dredge has started working it's way toward the Sea of Cortez and soon will open the entrance to the marina. Stay tuned.

24 August 2009

Dredging up news

The dredge lives! The operators are making sure everything is functioning correctly and can then begin dredging. They will open the entry to the ocean to ensure there's plenty of water for them to operate in. Then the actual marina will begin to take shape. Exciting stuff.


22 August 2009

The suspense is killing me. The dredge is now IN THE WATER. Don't everybody cheer at once; it's still not moving dirt. I'm thinking any day now.

10 August 2009


Well I was a little nervous about all the rain we had because our dam system isn't in place yet. Everything is all right though; no major washouts.

Looks like the dredge is almost ready to operate. The boys will start laying the discharge pipe soon. I'll post photos as soon as it's working

07 August 2009

I'm glad nobody took me up on my bet. Los hombres are working hard and they could get this thing in the water sooner than I was thinking. Here's a couple of photos of their progress.

Right here on the beautiful coast of Baja California Sur in La Rivera, can you believe it???

Bob Farmer
From USA:
Office: 011-52-624-130-0302

06 August 2009

The Dredge!

Drum roll please............

The dredge has arrived! Ring the bells; bring out the dancing maidens! Actually it's still in pieces but the mechanics claim they can have it operational in about a week. I'll let you know but my money in on a couple weeks. But these guys are from the mainland and want to get home so who knows?
That's a mean looking "BIT" of equipment, no? Looks like something from "The Transformers" movie. If you haven't toured the resort, you should do it soon. It's looking better all the time

04 August 2009

Cabo Riviera Resort

Greetings from sunny Baja California Sur, Mexico. In case your geography is bad, the "Baja" is the long finger of land directly below the state of California. I am located near Los Barriles (Google it) and not far from where I live is a town named "la Rivera." That is where the Cabo Riviera Resort is being built. I will periodically update this blog with construction updates, photos, time schedules, events and announcements. Last year, in case you missed it, Creedence Clearwater played on site for a grand opening event. Pretty well received........

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any interest in owning a piece of paradise, please contact me.