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18 November 2010

Best lots at Cabo Riviera Marina

I'm asked all the time if we are selling anything at Cabo Riviera. Well actually, yes we are. We've had several million in sales this year and have several million more pending.

Why are we selling when so many other developments aren't? The first reason is that the owners are the developers: to this date there is no money owed to any financial organization or private financiers. The $30 million or so that has been spent so far has come from the owners pockets and sales. We are working; phase one will be finished by next January 2011 or the owners will be paying penalties to the lot owners.

Why can we offer high-end resort property in a marina where you can dock your boat next to your house for 25% down and 10 year financing? Same reason: the owners are the developers. If they want to offer private financing for the property, they can! There are no banks involved nor are there a bunch of expensive loan fees.

What does this mean? It means that smart money is investing in its future. Not only financial future but future lifestyle for family and friends.

Which brings me to the title of this post: Best lots at Cabo Riviera. We haven't sold any lots at the ends of the islands. These are solid gold. Here's what will happen: After the first one sells, the rest will follow fast. For example, we had sold no beach lots until the spring of this year. Out of the 15 that were offered in phase one, we have 4 left.

Are you waiting for something? These lots will not get cheaper. In fact the owners are discussing a price increase for the near future. It won't be a huge increase and if you're a buyer, it won't stop you. But if you are undecided, write or call me and tell me why. I can't think of any reason other than lack of funds to not buy right now. If you make a commitment soon, I can lock you in to the present price. Let me go to work and get you the best deal possible on your lot.

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