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08 October 2010

October Sales Update Cabo Riviera

We're still moving property here at Cabo Riviera.
Below is the master plan. Red lots are sold, blue lots are reserved and white lots are available.  The other lots are outside of Phase One and will be available later. There are plenty of good lots remaining. If you want a certain lot that is not in Phase One, contact me.  I can make you a deal for the lot at today's price.

I've been told by some of my prospective buyers, "I'll wait until I see some buildings out there. I don't care about any discounts for pre-construction."  Very good, I understand completely. The only issue with that is availability.  The Cabo Riviera marina is completely unique in Baja Sur. You can't buy a lot on the water in a marina and dock your boat next to it in BAJA SUR anywhere except in Cabo Riviera. 

Most of us are guilty of missing good opportunities and then later regretting it.  Please take time to review the master plan. Don't wait until your favorite lot is sold.

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  1. I've got mine and am OH-SO-Happy about it!

  2. If you guys move out here, Mike and I can celebrate our birthday together again!!! Yeee ha