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04 September 2010

Lighthouse Point Estates

I know many of you like the Cabo Riviera concept and understand it's value. If this is more than you want, we have a nice alternative for you just South of Cabo Riviera about 10 minutes by road: Lighthouse Point Estates.

Lighthouse Point doesn't have a marina or golf course. If you have a boat and/or want to golf, you have the option of the facilities located at Cabo Riviera. There are beautiful ocean front lots as well as second, third and fourth tier lots available.

If you prefer a condo, we offer Villas la Cholla. These are reasonably priced villas near the beach and only a couple of minutes walk from the beach club.

Here are some photos of the Villas and a look at the beach.

Contact me anytime; I'll be glad to show you Lighthouse Point. It's a steal.

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