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22 February 2010

New Hospital Dedicated

We now have a brand new mini-hospital in La Rivera. Participating in the dedication were: governor of BCS Narciso Agundez, municipal president of Los Cabos Rene Nuñez, Gary Jacobs investor and developer with Cabo Riviera, Mariano Mariscal investor, developer and architect of Cabo Riviera and forgive me but I forgot his name, a representative from Cabo Cortez. The hospital is a dramatic health care improvement for our area. Before now, serious medical problems required a long ride to San Jose, Cabo or La Paz. La Rivera is less than a half an hour from a large portion of the East Cape population. The facility includes general and specialized health care equipment, a dentist office and several beds.

Cabo Riviera and Cabo Cortez are to be congratulated for their respective commitment to the improvement of quality of life in our area. Both companies donated large sums to make this happen.

Here's some photos:


  1. The name of the town is La Ribera, as the sign on the new hospital indicates.

  2. Pick your spelling. The highway signs were spelled with a "b" then changed to "v" then back again. Doesn't matter; I don't know 3 Mexicans that pronounce b different than a v.