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09 March 2010

Dredge progress

The dredge and several backhoes are making good headway on the channel behind the beach lots. The discharge material is being used to bring the beach area up to grade. Our short-term goal is to have a section of the beach up to finish specs.

At the same time, we're working on the breakwaters. They will project into the Sea of Cortez about 300 meters. We have a ways to go. I don't know why my videos are black but press the arrow below, they will play.

Give me a call and come see the dream. This is an ambitious project that will set new standards for Los Cabos.


  1. Forget the jetties, look how calm the water is? That is a beach lovers paradise for all ages alike. You wouldn't see water that calm in San Jose or Cabo.

  2. jajajajaja obviously you've not been present during el norte winds! (or you have vested interest in this 'project'?) Bring a dust mask of some kind and leave your boat elsewhere. The whole enchilada is another scam. Wish it wasn't the case. (yyyyyyyeeeaa like this 'comment' will get posted) jajaja

  3. Yes I obviously have a vested interest in this project. But mr anonymous, can I call you "but?" or I mean "mr." The whole east cape is built in the face of wind. Are you calling all of us who live here STUPID???? Are YOU STUPID? or what? You may fall into the category of ex-pats that shouldn't actually be here but can't go back to the states because you owe a boatload of taxes. I've only lived out here for 3 years; 10 in San Jose del Cabo before. You should go back to the nice place you used to live where the wind never blew. You like it there right?

  4. ouch! touched a nerve huh honey?? jajajaja
    This speaks volumes, and your professionalism knows no bounds!! JAJAJAJA
    "The whole east cape is built in the face of wind. Are you calling all of us who live here STUPID????" ...
    jajaja it's called side-shore winds for the majority of the east cape and La Ribera is very unique, because it is directly ON-SHORE winds. Get and check a map 'hon! (or you can come ask one of us Kite Surfers and we'll do our best to explain this to you.)
    Resultingly, La Ribera is a dust bowl hell and the onslaught of SERIOUS waves during el norte winds will "cruuush your puny wee breakwater like pebbles darling" jajajaja
    You know it's a scam. I know it's a scam. Jeff & Kimberly know it's a scam.
    But good luck with that. besos

  5. So what's up with the JAJAAJA? Are you Mexican or trying to throw me off? And how can you be so rude to someone you don't even know? How many weeks a season do you stay here? Do you think that Jeff and Kimberly like being called liars? Are you Stupid?

  6. "How many weeks a season do you stay here?"
    AaaHAA we're making progress now baby! So you're implying that this marina will be somewhat seasonal? Fantastic in summer (I'd agree!) but maybe not a great spot in winter with the winds and dust.
    Is this what your question implies?
    I'm an eastcape (Barriles) properties owner and would love to see property values increased due to nearby marina when time comes to sell my lots. Nothing would please me more! BUT (hate to be the one to educate you on this ...)... mother nature can be a real BIATCH sometimes! Your marina's simply in a bad locale, and your initial post ..."Forget the jetties, look how calm the water is? That is a beach lovers paradise for all ages alike." is really in bad taste for potential buyers of a lame-duck project.
    Now what's with your continual use of the 'STUPID'?? Is that all you've got? You don't want to take the opportunity to school all of us (jajaja) how the project WILL resist the forces of planet earth? Again, professionalism abounds. besitos nina xx

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    I am the one that made the comment about the beach lovers paradise for all ages and not the owner of this blog. I made that comment because I do love the beaches at La Ribera and take my young kids to that beach all the time even on the days that aren't windy during windy season. I live in San Jose on the beach and I can't use it due to the strong under-toe and currents. All I was doing was pointing out that the water was calm and beautiful (obviously a day when there wasn't winds during winter season)and wasn't looking to cause all this indifference amongst neighbors. I know about the winds in the winter as it gets really windy in San Jose too, but I certainly wouldn't let it deter me from living in Cabo Riviera and it hasn't for the many people that are owners who know the area,live in the area, and kite surf too.

    I am speaking with professionalism when I ask that you please not bad mouth Cabo Riviera. I would never bad mouth your properties when you try to sell as I would have nothing to gain from doing that.

    I forgot to add in the post I deleted above that I know Cabo Riviera isn't for everyone, but let people make their own judgment after they properly do their comparisons, research the development, take a tour, and look in their pockets. People will never prosper listening to bar talk.

    Kindest Regards, Kelina

  9. STUPID is hereby freakin' speechless!!!
    Your true colors are blinding me. And your suggested censorship really sucks the big one.