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05 November 2010

More Sales

We've had some more lots reserved and a deposit made in the last couple of weeks. When you click on "Lots Available, Phase One," the page is not up to date. There is a deposit on lot 8, island 12. Lot 30 on the beach, lots 54,55 and 59 on the golf course and lot 34 on island 9 have all been reserved.

There's good news and bad news. We are only a year and a couple of months from completion of phase one. There are only 4 beach lots, 3 golf lots and about 37 channel lots available at present prices. Right now I can get you 15% off the list price because we are selling at "pre construction" prices. If you pay cash, I can discount the price further. This price structure will naturally change as phase one approaches completion. I'm pretty sure the prices won't drop......

Call or email me. Ask for Bob Farmer. I'm here to get your deal done.


  1. Do you think potential investors are wary of the island-end lots due to 'exposure' during the regular winter El Norte winds blasting directly on-shore? or is it just the slow economy?

  2. No. If that was the case there would be nobody living on the coast from San Jose to La Paz!